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The Phenomenelle Angels Fund I, LP is a new, early stage fund to invest in women and minority owned or managed businesses in Wisconsin and the Midwest. Qualifying businesses must have at least one woman or an ethnic minority in an executive (C-level) position. The Fund invests in exceptional management teams that exploit technology to create breakthrough applications in the following market sectors: Information Technology, Life Sciences, Communications, and Consumer Goods/Services.

The Phenomenelle Angels Fund I is looking for companies that have been in business for one or more years, have one or more founders with deep domain expertise and previous entrepreneurial experience, have $1 million or more in revenues, are one year or less away from breakeven, and need less than $5 million or less in equity and debt to take them to the next level.

In initial stages of screening, the Phenomenelle Angels Fund I only reviews an executive summary of a company's business plan. Only business plans submitted via this form will be considered in the Phenomenelle Angels Fund  review process unless a Managing Director explicitly approves another format.


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Company Informations
(Your company must be currently headquartered in the Midwest)

Company Name
$1,000,000 - $3,000,000
$3,000,000 - $5,000,000


Please answer the following section in the format offered and restrict your answers to 500 words per section. You will be contacted for additional information should we require it.
Company Mission


Company History/Accomplishments
to Date
Management Structure of the Company including Experience of all senior managers, including previous start-ups; Needs/key vacancies; Board of Directors; and Advisors
Products/Services including Description, Ownership, Development stage, Timing of, and process to, commercialization; Unique attributes and opportunities; and Price per unit
Market including Size and definition; Industry trends; Needs for products/services; Customers, Sales/distribution plan; and Necessary partnerships and status
Competitive Landscape including your competitive advantages and the competition

Investment Needs including the required investment and a breakdown of specific costs. i.e. % to production, marketing, research.

Financials including Founder’s investment; Fully-diluted capitalization table (including options, warrants, and debt); Summary project financials (one and three to five years); Funding needs for this round and subsequent rounds; Use of funds; Exit strategy and Timing; and Business milestones for next six months and the next two years.

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